Scanxiety II

Cynthia met me outside the hospital ER entrance, and sat next to me on the bench.  We enjoyed the warm sun and the breeze that cooled us down just enough.  Then it was time to head in to radiology.

A CT scan is really no big thing.  Compared to an MRI, it is a piece of cake – you ride the platform back and forth through the big whirring doughnut.  Unlike an MRI, it takes just a few minutes, and would only bother the most easily claustrophobic.  And still, having Cynthia there in the waiting area to hold my hand (figuratively) and make me laugh (literally)  made the whole trip easier.

Because of course it isn’t the scan that worries those of us going through this.  The scan is easy.

Dr. Shek called me the next day.  I’d actually been able to put the phone call out of my mind for a little while, so that when he called I was taken by surprise.  I rushed to answer, all the while issuing small prayers (to what?) for good news.  And good it was.

All of the lesions and lymphs in my lungs had shrunk!  The larger ones had dropped almost 50%.  Some of the smaller ones were almost unnoticeable.  Dr. Shek was very pleased with the results, as was I.  He told me that I can get my lab work done every other week now, which will help my arms heal up between blood draws.

On one hand, I am cheering for myself.  Things are looking good!  Great, even!  The anxiety level has dropped, and I can relax.  But on the other hand, I wonder whether I’ll ever be able to fully relax or be able to get cancer fully out of my thoughts.  Somehow, I think it will take more than just one good scan.


3 thoughts on “Scanxiety II

  1. I’m sure the cancer anxiety yoke is a hard one to throw off. But one day at a time. And today shows such wonderful progress over two months ago! Rejoice and celebrate as we are doing after hearing the good news!

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