Why I shouldn’t make big decisions while on cancer

This could be one of those celebrity mug shots if a) I were a celebrity, b) this were shot in a police station instead of my bathroom, and c) someone had arrested me for something besides crimes against my hair color.

Mug Shot

I really shouldn’t be allowed to make choices like this while I’m dealing with cancer.  Maybe there’s a blonde that would go well on me.  Maybe there’s a colorist who could do better highlights than these.  I don’t know.  (But the green is all on me – that was my post diagnosis celebration.)

All I can say is that my friend and ex-hairdresser, Andrea, talked me down from the edge and into a drug store for a quick fix with a semi permanent hair color.  I even got a few compliments today.

You can all stop laughing now.  REALLY!



7 thoughts on “Why I shouldn’t make big decisions while on cancer

  1. I think you look good! I always think highlights look good. I would do them myself but I seem to be sensitive to those fluids. 😦
    Just found your blog, nice one. 🙂

  2. I gave away so much (what I thought was stuff at the time) when I was going through treatment. I’m sure The Salvation Army was thrilled to get them, but now I miss many of these things…like clothes, videos (some family ones), etc. Luckily your hair color can be fixed. My neighbor has blue hair and she dyes it that way on purpose. You look beautiful just the way you are! But it is a little funny 🙂

    • Oh my god, I have had SUCH the urge to purge. Part of it due to my preference to not have too much stuff, but also partly for more morbid reasons. I will approach any stuff purges with care.

      I’ve already over dyed the bleached areas so that they’re a little lighter than my natural brown. It looks ok, and I can live with it.

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