Donner Lake

I haven’t had enough sleep. I spent many hours battling traffic after leaving hours later than I wanted to leave. My family was grumpy for most of the drive.

But here we are. I’m sitting on the cabin porch, under pine trees, listening to the birds (jays? Not sure, I can’t see them) go wild.

It wasn’t a day of sadness, but maybe because I was too focused on driving and the slow cars in front of me to think about anything else. I’ve often been accused of living too much inside my head. That’s probably true, and probably not a trait that will help me much from here on out.

At least this long weekend won’t give me much of a chance for that. We’ve got a lake to play in, paddle boards to paddle, boats to rent. And dad, sisters, cousins to hang with. I think there might even be some trails to hike.

Scratch that. There are DEFINITELY trails to hike. I saw signs for a Pacific Crest Trailhead not far from here. I might have to get all Cheryl Strayed on my family, even if it’s just a quick half mile up and back. Good thing I brought my hiking shoes.

It’s also nice to go on vacation knowing I have a counseling session set up for when I get back. I have to give huge props to the Cancer Support Community and their quick turn around on my request. I hope that having a session all to myself will result in a little clarity and a few more tools for dealing with all that’s going through my head.

But first, some breathing. And then some dinner.

2 thoughts on “Donner Lake

  1. Have a great weekend. I hope Reil is able to move around some. And that you get that PCTrail hike in whatever the length. Give my regards to all the Bowes family. Talk when you get home.

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