The kids are at day camp …

and now the days are mine again.

What I did yesterday

  1. Watched trashy tv shows
  2. Folded laundry
  3. Ate a large, not very healthy, lunch

What I’ve done today

  1. Began an art journal
  2. Played with the rabbits
  3. Weeded part of my garden
  4. Drew things on my hands to see how a tattoo might look
  5. Read “The Purity of Vengeance” – almost done
  6. Watched a little bit of trashy tv
  7. Pinned things on Pinterest
  8. Ate a healthier lunch

I think today’s achievements are certainly better, healthier than yesterday’s achievements.  But I can also recognize that yesterday I really needed to just zone out with laundry in my hands and Housewives in front of my eyes.

I’m learning to recognize some of my limits, acknowledge them, accept them.  I’m not the mom I want to be.  I’m not the wife I want to be.  I’m not taking care of my life the way I want to.  I am doing what I can, though.  And hopefully I will get to a point where my brain is a little clearer and I have more capacity for other things.


2 thoughts on “The kids are at day camp …

  1. It sounds to me like you are human. The difference is you are a human, who takes time for self reflection, instead of going through life on autopilot. I think I will draw on my hands today too. Sounds like fun 🙂

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