The most wonderful time of the year

OK, everyone take a deep breath.  Hooray!  School has started!

This summer was not terrible.  This summer was not great.  It just was.  There was a lot of learning how to care for the kids while caring for myself.  Lots of reflection, therapy, getting through the first wave of dealing with having cancer, accepting death (while doing what I can to keep it at arm’s length!)

And now the kids are in school and my days can once again be about me – what a luxury.

I want to set some goals for the semester to try to keep myself moving in positive directions.

  • Keep on hiking and walking – at least 3 times a week, but more would be just fine.
  • Sketch/paint/other art daily
  • Write at least 3-4 times a week, with at least 2 blog posts each week.
  • Start cooking again – at least one meal a week from scratch.  (And by scratch, I mean that it is OK to open up cans or boxes.  I just need to start planning my own meals again.)
  • Daily smoothies, or most days.
  • Meditate/Guided Imagery – daily?

Dang.  When am I going to have time for my trash TV?

Also, as I write this, my mother is at the UCSF Medical Center, where she is undergoing surgery for her renal cell carcinoma.  They aren’t taking her whole kidney (since she only has one – born that way), but will remove the mass, which I think is a slightly more complicated surgery than I had.  So, please, keep her in your thoughts for both of us.


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