Wonder Woman’s Daughter

I’m not really in a competition with my mother (because, let’s face it, she’d always win), but dang, sometimes it feels like it.

I visited her today at the UCSF Medical Center, where yesterday she had her surgery to remove the mass from her kidney.  Not even 24 hours after the surgery – closer to 12 hours, actually – she was up and walking around.  When I arrived, she was sitting in her chair, with a lovely view of downtown SF, eating a lunch of solid foods.  The pain management team came in to talk to her about her epidural and weaning her from that, but don’t worry, we’ll have oxycodone for you.  And my mom looked at them and said, “I’m not really into that.  Can I just have some tylenol?”

Ok, so 15 hours after my surgery, I hadn’t gotten out of bed.  I had only had some warm broth.  And I was seriously attached to my pain medicine button.  SERIOUSLY.

So, as with so many parts of my life, I can only dream of equalling my mom, and instead, just settle for admiring her and trying to do my best.  Parenting, marriage, community involvement, kidney cancer.

The kidney twins

The kidney twins

But none of that matters, because my mom is doing well, and her cancer has been taken out of her body.

5 thoughts on “Wonder Woman’s Daughter

  1. That’s impressive recovery powers there, Mom!

    DH was out of bed – as far as the bedside chair for about 10 minutes, and still very much attached to his morphine pump at that stage of the game.

  2. Hey baby. Mu surgeries. I was like. I am a hospice social worker and my pain goal is zero. U are you. Ask for what works. For you. Period. Okay.

  3. Thanks Lisa, beautifully written! You and Joan are well-loved. (She is a rock-star! I’m thinking that apple didn’t fall too far from the tree…) ❤

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