It gets better

Last month was a bitch.  I really didn’t like her, which is kind of a shame, since October is often my favorite month.

November is off to a much better start, beginning with the realization that much of my recent fatigue and general malaise began around the time that one of my non-cancer medications was changed.  I have been off that med for about 3 days now, and feel so much better.  It’s as if a fog was lifted.  I have a little clarity.

I’m still experiencing some side effects, particularly neuropathy.  Some days I can walk with no problems, other days I gingerly mince through life.  Most days are in between.  I’ve got a prescription for gabapentin, but I’d like to try acupuncture first.  Waiting to hear back from Kaiser about that, and for now, just taking it easy, and trying to not stand for too long.  (Standing is actually harder on me than walking.)

So, because I can’t do much in the way of hiking right now, I’ve been compensating by being artsy/crafty, and you get to see a little show and tell.

I’ve been going to my watercolor class, with mixed results.  Here is last week’s painting, unfinished because I just wasn’t feeling it.  As I look at it a week later, and with this week’s instruction under my belt, I can start seeing places I could go with it.  So all is not lost.  I love the sky.

photo 3(2)

I’m much happier with today’s class work, another fall scene.  It’s also half the size of the first painting, and I think that might contribute to my comfort with it.  Next week, the creeks and rocks!

photo 2(3)

I’ve been quilting, too. Or, rather, piecing.  I finally finished the main portion of a quilt that’d been on my design wall, untouched since my diagnosis.  It still needs a border (will end up being a simple white border), and then I’ll piece a back and send it all off to be quilted.  I quilted all of my old quilts, but they were significantly smaller, and, frankly, I’m feeling like life is too short to deal with a behemoth like this one that fits on a queen-sized bed.  I’m currently battling with another rainbow barf piece, but might just put that aside while I work on a calming, closer to neutrals, quilt.

photo 1(2)

Finally, I’ve been working on earrings.  I’m having a trunk show in a week and a half, and I think I’m good to go with enough pairs now.  If you’re interested, I also have some earrings for sale on my etsy site.

photo 2(2)


9 thoughts on “It gets better

  1. I love the paintings. I also like the earrings. I’d like to come 18th? I’ll bring a bottle of wine and an appitezer if that is okay. LMK if thats okay and if you want me to bring something specific. Im very sorry standing and walking is hard and curtailing your hiking. 😦 The quilt is beautiful Did you get the apron?

    • You are welcome to come, and bring what you want. I do have a bunch of wine, but if you have something special you’d like to share, please do! (Also, it’ll be the 16th, but you’re welcome to come by on the 18th, too. 😉

  2. Look at you! Plugging along and being creative. Art is so good for the soul and your paintings and earrings are wonderful. You have a good “eye” for color combination. Heading over to your Etsy shop now…

  3. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. Grief is such a huge part of cancer and I’m glad that you’re writing and painting. Acceptance is hard — I get frustrated with the limits of my body how much cancer affects my life. Like you said, you like being independent and that’s understandable. Let me know if you want to text and I’ll be happy to keep you company. Sometimes all I need is for someone to listen. Hang in there!

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