No stress New Year.

I’ve been thinking about how much easier things have been lately.  Certainly the physical stuff has been SO. MUCH. BETTER. since I took the meds break in December, but I’ve also felt better emotionally and mentally, too.  We’ve had a two week break with all four of us at home, over the holidays, usually a fairly stressful time.  But this year, I haven’t felt so stressed, and while I’m looking forward to having everyone get back into their routines with school (kids) and work (Reil) and being the car service (me), I am not salivating over it as has happened in previous years.

I haven’t been hiking as much as I’d like to, and when I do get out for a walk, it’s usually just that – a fairly short and flat walk.  I haven’t been challenging myself at all.  And yet, when I get out there, I feel happy and content.

I think the key to all of this is that I’m giving myself a break.  Although I’m not challenging myself physically, I’m also not feeling upset or disappointed that I can’t achieve my hiking goals.  Because I’m not pushing myself, I’m not getting winded (and then frustrated).  Same with being home with the kids.  Usually, I’d want to have lots of activities planned, and to be a hard ass about being on the computers.  This year, well, we’ve done some nice things (trip up to my home town, playing tourists in SF for the day, movie day), but for the most part, it’s been a lot of puttering around the house and a heck of a lot of video games.  And you know what?  The kids have had a great time.  And they’re going to be fine.  And I’m not stressed.

Do you think there’s a lesson there?


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