Not yet!

Last night Linda died. I met her in a support group that I attended last summer. Once school started back up, it was difficult to go, but I went when I could. I last saw her at a retreat in November, and was surprised to hear yesterday that she was on hospice.

On my walk today, I found myself crying for her (for me), and chided myself, because obviously there are people who know her better and loved her fully. But she touched my life, too, and helped me get situated on this stupid journey.

She was diagnosed in 2013, about 18 months ago. I keep thinking “Not yet! Not yet!” Am I thinking of her or me? Yes. I guess I am.

I notice that when I’m not posting about quilting, I seem to post about the things that break my cool. Being involved in support groups provides a lot of support, but also ample opportunities for me to lose my cool. On the whole though, I’m glad to not have to take this journey on my own.


6 thoughts on “Not yet!

  1. Words always seem inadequate in the face of stuff like this.

    I’m glad that you had the chance to know her, and sorry for her loss. *hug*

  2. I’m so sorry Lisa. I’m glad you have support. But not always so easy. You loved her. I’ll be thinking of you and her today.

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