Inlyta sucks

The past 10 days, since I started taking Inlyta, have been some of the roughest in my life.  I’ve had increasing amounts of fatigue, so much that I figure I have about 3 hours a day where I manage at about 50% of normal, and the rest of the time is spent lying on my bed quietly, or sleeping.  Earlier this week, my hips began bothering me more than normal and a finger joint began to be very painful.  This weekend, the pain has entered every point of my body in the hours after taking my pill.

And so, I’ve decided to stop taking Inlyta.  I’ve sent an email to my doctor, and am waiting for a reply from him, but I’m not taking tonight’s pill, and won’t continue after today.

At my last appointment, he said that we have lots of other options, so I’m sure I’ll have another drug to start on soon.  And hopefully it’ll be one that I can truly live with.

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