Tired, sore.

I can’t really expect to get stronger by just lying around the house, right? So after coffee with friends this morning, I went next door to the gym and spent a little time on the treadmill. And I mean little. 20 minutes and I recorded 6/10ths of a mile. Yeah, that’s about the speed of a tortoise. And at the end of it I was wiped out. Went home and laid down in bed for a while wiped out.


That’s my starting point.

Now, because I spent some time weeding the garden, and even more watching my mother in law plant a bunch of plants for me (can you say awesome!), I am sore and tired, and just want to collapse on the sofa.

But it’s a good sore and tired. It’s a sore and tired that comes from activity and endeavor. Even if it was just a small amount. Much better than the sore and tired that comes with self pity and woe.

Plus, flowers.



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