The Lisa Show

I knew that I was feeling a bit lonely and a lot sorry for myself, and I knew that I had to get the hell out of that funk, and I figured that having people around might help me feel a little less sorry for myself, and a bit less lonely. But what the visit from my in-laws showed me was that companionship through out the day would drag me, yank me, bodily force me, into a happier and better state of mind. It’s so much easier to be dying when you’re sitting alone in your home, feeling tired, feeling pain. It’s much harder to do that when you’ve got people with you for much of the day, pulling you back into the world of the living. And, yeah, I feel like I’m living again, and what a thrill that is!

And of course, I’ve still got a litany of little complaints: I haven’t allowed myself to rest as much as I should; I’m not pain free; my gut is bothering me, and I’m spending too much time on the toilet; I still can’t hike. But for now, they’re just little complaints. They aren’t a death knell, rather just little somethings to deal with while I live day to day.

One of the best things about living is spending time with the people I know and care for. Beyond helping me avoid a pity party for one, it’s just so much fun. So I’d like to encourage people to come visit me during the day, if you’re able. Yes, I might get tired, but any physical exhaustion I feel is peanuts compared to the emotional boost I get from seeing my friends and family.

I’m really pretty good at setting limits in this area, so don’t be afraid you’ll be intruding. If I’m not up to a visit, I will say so. If I get too tired during a visit, I will say so. But what I’ve found is that I haven’t had to cancel any visits, and it generally takes a few hours to wear me out. (Don’t take that as a challenge!)

So come on, folks, don’t make me beg! (Besides, I’m only here for a limited time. bah dump dump!)

2 thoughts on “The Lisa Show

  1. LOL bah dump dump. Sounds like a worthwhile perspective, Lisa.

    I hope everyone hears you and appreciates your ability to be honest, and lovig at the same time.

  2. I love you and while I love your curley hair I think your sister glam makeover rocked, especially in the eye lash department. I need that kind of sister sista!!

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