UFOS be gone!

My closet of shame has been growing more crowded lately, as I continue to begin new quilts without finishing older ones.  So when I saw a group challenge to finish UFOs (unfinished objects) in one of my quilting forums, I figured I’d better take the hint and sign up.

A peek into the closet of shame

Obviously it’s much easier for me to get carried away by new ideas than it is to complete those ideas into a fully functional battle station.  Quilt.

For this challenge, each participant lists 5-10 quilts or projects they want to finish and then we have 3 months to try to get those finishes done. And if you do, everyone in the group sends you fabric!  Cause that’s just what we all need.  More fabric!

Here’s my list of projects.

1.  Patriotic pinwheels – I made this quilt top at a guild retreat about 2004. Everyone else brought red white and blue fabrics. Not me. Need backing fabric, quilting and binding.

2. Purple and orange garden – This needs backing fabric, quilting and binding.

3.  Purple, blue, and red garden – Needs backing, quilting and binding

4. Batik plus quilt – another oldie. Needs backing, quilting and binding. 

5. Yellow and red color wash – started in the early 2000s. Need backing quilting and binding.

6. Green and blue color wash – also started in the early 2000s. Needs backing, quilting and binding.

7. HST trip around the world – recent top made from charm squares I received in a package from the lovely Hillary at Entropy Always Wins blog.   Needs backing, quilting and binding.

8. Floral plus quilt – Needs a border, backing, quilting and binding.

9. Color fields, orange and white – Needs quilting and binding.

10.  Clown barf quilt – This one was going to be a coins quilt. Now it’s going to be something different.   Needs to be pieced and fully finished. 

Which should I try to finish first?

13 thoughts on “UFOS be gone!

  1. Either finish the purple red & blue garden quilt or sell it to me as is & I’ll do it for you. It’s beautiful! 😊

    • Anita, is that an offer to quilt my quilts I hear? Watch out, or I might have my mom bring some tops home with her next time she visits. 😉

      • I suspect that it was an offer 😊. Whatever you need. I haven’t quilted for a while but I know I can do a fine job.

  2. Jackie: I just couldn’t do red, white and blue! My goal, really, is to get as many of these finished as possible – if not all of them. But of course, I’ll still have to start new quilts, too.

  3. You have a wonderful sense of color. These are all gorgeous – though the Patriotic Pinwheels and the Batik Plus are particularly lovely. How big are these?

  4. All are wonderful to look at. With all those bright, cheery colors, you have tons of choices every day which you are in the mood to work on. I’m jealous! 🙂 I especially think Clown Barf is gorgeous, and deserves a name to reflect its joy.

  5. Hi Lisa, As I’ve said before, I’m just waiting for a chance to buy one of your works of art! My votes are for you to finish number 2 and 3, both or either of which I would be proud to hang in my living room. Heck, if you don’t want to quilt and back and bind, I could quite happily work with the tops alone and mount and frame them, or suspend them on rods. I hope that doesn’t offend the quilter in you, but your choice, balance and placement of tones, colours and patterns is so painterly, I don’t see these so much as quilts as I do fabric art. I am serious about owning one or both of these… Wouldn’t you like to have your work hanging in Toronto, Ontario? I would! — Jacquelyn

    • Hi Jacquelyn, I’m working on getting quilts ready for showing and sale. I think the main thing that is holding me back is trying to decide which quilts to save for my kids. Guess I should just ask the if there are quilts they particularly want.

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