Out and about

My lovely friend Jill picked me up this afternoon for an excursion to Penneys. This was exciting to me for two reasons. First, Jill had to go get a job last fall, and she’s not free to be my daytime art and play partner anymore (I’m very glad she’s got a job doing what she wants to do, but why can’t art teachers have only evening hours?), so it was great to get a few hours with her. 

Also, it was the maiden voyage of the new walker! And I’m happy to report that it went exactly as I hoped. We had to return a few items, then spent a little time shopping.  The walker helped me maintain a steady gait, so although I was pushing this contraption, I didn’t feel all gimpy.  I used the time we spent in line to sit and rest, which allowed me to walk out of the store in a happy mood, not totally spent. 

It was interesting using the walker and seeing a little better what it’s like for wheelchair users. Elevators, not escalators – took me back to when the kids were small and in strollers, though I’d forgotten where they were in that particular store. It was difficult to maneuver through some of the racks of clothing, and because someone else was using the handicap dressing room, I had to wiggle the chair around in a smaller room so I could shut the door. And, as we were walking out to the car, we had to wait a couple of minutes for a car to move away from the sidewalk cutout that would allow me to roll into the parking lot. 

i didnt get this vest Mistake?

Now I have just a few updates to make to the chair.  I need to pimp my ride. Cynthia said she’d do flames for me.  Marissa offered to bedazzle it.  I need a pad for the seat – maybe I can make a cushion that says “Cancer Sucks”. And, although there’s a basket under the seat, I think I need a bag to go on the chair back. 

I guess I could also go back and get a couple of those fuzzy vests to line the whole thing, and really make it my pimp wagon. 


5 thoughts on “Out and about

  1. It is like “freedom at last!” A little added support when you need or want it. As I said before, “You and your friends are having way too much fun. Wish I could be there, too.”

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