Scan results and a quilt

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you probably already know that the results of my scan were good.  There was shrinkage in the lung lesions as well as in the abdominal areas.   (Or as some of my friends would say, “Hehe.  Shrinkage! Hehe”. Yes, my friends are 12 year old boys inside.)

So. That’s good. The Inlyta is working. Knowing this makes dealing with the side effects a lot easier.

Most of today was spent chilling in the backyard or working on a quilt in my room. I keep making excuses so that I don’t have to finish pieces, but at some point I’ll need to get over it and just get it done. Part of the problem is my constant state of indecision, coupled with cancer brain ADD. Hopefully I’ll work my way through that.  But for now, here’s my current project that allows me to avoid all the UFOs. 


7 thoughts on “Scan results and a quilt

  1. Pretty, pretty! Also, yay for shrinkage! May it long continue!

    We start our first round of Bevacizumab plus PDL-1 tomorrow, as well as getting the results of the new biopsy.

  2. No, we went straight for the pdl-1 trial. It worked well for about six months, but the last CT scan showed renewed growth, so we’re shifting him to the other branch of the trial – I.e. from pdl-1 alone to pdl-1 plus Bevacizumab. Assuming the biopsy doesn’t show anything weird, that is.

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