Take me out to the ball game!

I don’t think you could call me a baseball fan by most measures. Aside from a few World Series games, I don’t usually watch baseball on TV.  I definitely don’t listen on the radio. I can only name a handful of historical and current players. But I do love going to ball games.

We started going as a family when we lived in Maryland. The Nationals were doing terribly, and tickets for seats in the new stadium were inexpensive and easy to come by.  Even in the hot and humid DC summers, we could go and have a terrific time for not much more than the cost of a movie. Plus the food at the park? Way better than movie concessions.

We always sat in the nose bleed seats above first base, where we had a bird’s eye view of the game, letting me actually follow what was happening, even if I couldn’t see close up or catch a prize from the t-shirt gun. Lots of great memories.

So, when I got a call from the Cancer Support Community, asking if I’d like to be part of the SF Giants’ Strike Out Cancer event, I immediately said Yes!

Jodie, Christy, me, and Pam, before the shoot

On Tuesday, nine of us met at AT&T Park for a day of filming, including five of us from the Kids Circle, a support group for kids and families with a parent with cancer.  We were all given wrist bands, then were led by our guide through a maze of hallways, up back elevators, and to a luxury suite, where we were invited to relax, have a delicious box lunch, and enjoy the view.

The view inside the suite

We all relaxed, took lots of photos, and one by one were escorted to the Tony Bennett suite – far more swanky than  the one we were in – for filming.

The view from the suite


Each interview took about 10 minutes. They asked about our cancer, about our families, and how cancer had affected our lives.  Luckily, as I (and I think the others, too) felt less than coherent, they plan to use only about 30 seconds of each of our interviews for the final production.

As a bonus, each of us got to grab a picture wearing our guide’s World Series ring. Bling-tastic, right?



Strike Out Cancer will take place on Mother’s Day, May 10, at the game against the Marlins. If you’re there, look for me on the big screen, and later down on the field!


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