It’s been another pretty rough day. I’ve felt exhausted all day, which led to poor decisions on my part – mainly about whether I was up for going to see Avengers (I wasn’t, it turns out), and ensuing arguments as I tried to cope with my poor decision making. Hopefully we will go see the movie on Friday. 

I managed to get myself up in time for watercolor class this morning, and while I left a little early, feeling more tired than when I arrived, I was able to finish a piece that made me happy.  The foliage needs more dark values, but I’m really digging the bridge. 

Now I’m in bed, with a cat at my feet, and I’m trying to will myself to pick up the book I’m working on. I just enjoyed another book by this author, John Lescroart, but this one is more of a chore. I’m tempted to let it go in favor of an SJ Bolton. However, that book is not on my bedside table, and I’m sure the cat would prefer I didn’t disturb her.  Maybe “Dead Irish” will become more compelling tonight, but not too much. I do need the sleep.  

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