A week of ugh 

It’s been a rough week. I wish I could write a post that was not about feeling crappy and having side effects. But that’s pretty much how it was. I mean, I even bugged out of my painting class early on Wednesday because I couldn’t concentrate and felt like crap. 

It’s been a week of low energy and hair loss. I’m pretty sure the hair loss is a side effect of the thyroid medicine I started recently, and hopefully that will calm down eventually. Not sure about the low energy, but it’s left me spending the days just staring at screens. I haven’t been able to nap, but haven’t been able to do much else, either. Mostly just ugh. 

After Tuesday’s pizza fiasco, I’ve been very careful about what I eat. A steady diet of oatmeal, some fruits, activia, and khichdi (an Indian rice and lentil dish), have made me feel better fairly quickly. From here on out, I’m venturing more cautiously into the world of other foods. 

OK, the highs.  Monday, Jonathan came over to do some body work with me. It was even better than the last time, and I hope he’ll keep coming. On Thursday, Jeffie came to give me a massage, which was also amazing, and really contributed to my feeling like a pile of goo. In both cases, my cat, Jane, jumped onto the table, checked out who and what was going on, then curled up next to me. Jeffie called her my protector. I’m being protected right now, as she’s curled in bed with me. 

I also received a quick visit from Emily, which was lovely. I’d love to encourage any of my friends who have a little time during the day to come by. Even a 10 minute visit can be helpful to me. Spur of the moment is fine or text to see if I’m up for a visit. I probably will be. 

4 thoughts on “A week of ugh 

  1. So good to see your blog. I’m sorry things are rough, and I hope some of the blah feelings ease somewhat.

  2. Any time, Lisa. Really. Let me know. Your body is very responsive because you’re so open emotionally and so strong in your vulnerability, and that’s why you get so much benefit. I so look forward to seeing you.

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