Just a little help. 

Kaiser. Why can’t I just love you?  Why do you keep making me hate you?

Yesterday I went in for an appointment with the podiatrist. My feet have been killing me. It’s part the corn that’s been hanging around for months (since January, at least), and part what is probably neuropathy.   My expectations weren’t leaning to the miraculous (no pain at all), but much more to the realistic  (a little relief so that I can take short walks in Colorado).  However, all those hopes and expectations were dashed when I arrived and was told that I didn’t have an appointment that day. They’d see me on JULY 15th. 

The first available appointment was more than 5 weeks out from when I’d requested one. Like that’s going to do me any good at all. 

It’s yet another example of why I don’t feel all that supported in dealing with the side effects of my meds. It’s like I’m going this all alone. Kaiser is useless.  The doctor up in Humboldt?  I have no idea what’s happening there, but after two emails about issues with no response, I’m not sure what our relationship is. 

And, yes, I get that I’m moaning and wallowing, and not being as proactive as  maybe I could. But, my feet hurt. My legs hurt. I’m knackered. My tongue hurts. My hair is falling out. Did I mention I’m just wiped?

I really wish I had someone I could turn to, with little issues or big, and get some help. 

That’s all. 

I will say, though, that the medicine that my oncologist prescribed for diarrhea does work well, and with no bad effects. So at least there’s that. 

6 thoughts on “Just a little help. 

  1. Lisa, you are NOT whining.!! You have to get an advocate for you on the inside. I was never above sending cookies or a small plant or flowers for someone that helped me and then they felt invested in me. Just an FYI on what worked for me, otherwise, it’s just a job for some of the people you encounter.
    Hope things start to feeling better soon!

  2. I think you are being honest. I don’t like words like wallow. I thinks it’s emotionally healthy to get things off your chest and it’s very strong to be authentic. I’m sorry about Kaiser any open enrollment options?

  3. If you talked to your oncologist, or whatever doctor you have the best relationship with, would they be able to call for you and pull a few strings? “My patient can’t wait 5 weeks and really needs care.” Just a thought…

  4. Ugh re: medical bureaucracy! This might help – find out what time they open each morning and call to see if there have been any cancellations for that day – that might get you seen a little sooner.

  5. I agree with weddingdressblue. Your primary should even be helping you set up these appts for you. They are “supposed” to be all linked together. I have also noticed on their online system that they limit who you can make appts. with directly – it’s weird! I’m sorry – whine away – I hear ya sista! I’m not a huge fan of Kaiser myself for those same reasons – the appt system seems screwy to me. I’m certainly trying as well. 😛

  6. Lisa,

    Paula Chaffin above is 100% on the mark. You need an advocate for YOU. Someone that’s focused on you and your situation completely. While I don’t talk a lot about my cancer experience because it involves dredging up a lot of painful memories about my ex-husband, my at the time high pressure job, etc – – However, do want you can to get someone on the “inside” to help you. Kaiser along with the entire medical industry is filled with people that don’t understand or care what you are going through, which is why its so important for you to get someone in your camp.

    You have legitimate needs at this point in your recovery and are not being whiny. To schedule stuff way out until next month is rude, egregious, disrespectful. Have you checked your insurance for CNA, or someone that will come in and visit with you a couple of times a week to check on your well being and what you need? Have you run into a nurse or someone during you time that you like and could possibly look to for assistance? Make this your mission. You are important and deserve attention to your medical needs and shouldn’t be alone in your fight for living and a healthy existence.

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