To Do List

I’m here in bed, with my daughter lying next to me. She couldn’t sleep earlier, but now she seems to be doing just fine. I’ve been reading my book, but realized I need to make a list of things. 

1. Pick up the kids’ Camp Kesem medical forms from the doctor and send the check for 4-H camp. 

2.  Figure out the state unemployment / SSI snafu. 

3.  Schedule time for writing for the next few days. And pick up another notepad. I just write better that way. 

4.  Contact UCSF and Stanford about donating my body when the time comes.

We started talking about what I wanted to be done with my body before I went in for my surgery. I was OK with cremation, as long as my family dealt with my ashes in a timely manner. I love my aunt to death, but I just found out that she’s still carting around Nana in her trunk – a decade later. No.  I don’t want that. 

What I’d really love is to be sent to a body farm. How cool to be used for science like that – rotting out in the open, or in an old car, or maybe submerged in a swamp. Romantic!

Unfortunately, most of the body farms are much further east, and require the family to arrange and pay for transportation of the body. And the cheapskate in me just can’t accept that. 

But both the schools I mentioned will accept bodies  and even arrange transport, etc. If you live near enough (and I believe we do).  

So, on my list for things to do tomorrow, or Thursday, or sometime after we get back from Colorado, is to get the ball rolling on that. 

I think Reil said he’d be more comfortable if I didn’t end up at Stanford, that it would feel weird to have me there next to his work. But how else will I keep tabs on him after I’m gone?

OK. UCSF will be the first pick. 


3 thoughts on “To Do List

  1. That’s thoughtful of you to arrange those things beforehand. Wow, I had never heard of a body farm before… just looked it up. Makes total sense that they exist.

  2. Oh Lisa. Hugs. My mom ended up at MedCure in Oregon, they transported her and used the parts they could, then cremated the remains and returned them to us. All for free. Which made my mom, the cheapskate, very happy. xoxo

  3. I also want to go to a Body Farm, but am pretty sure that won’t happen for the same reasons as for you. There are also natural burial options, but they don’t help if you want to be useful from a scientific/medical standpoint. As Geri said above, it is really thoughtful of you to do this now.

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