Colorado Rocky Mountain High

Today is my day for feeling alive!

We’re  in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I took my last dose of Inlet on Thursday, and I’m feeling terrific.   I’ve got energy.  My feet are unsteady, but they don’t hurt.  The dropped metatarsal is taken care of with shoes and inserts. And the corn and deep blisters  aren’t causing any pain, or have gone away completely. 

This morning we took the gondola up the mountain, and hiked the nature trail up there.   It was only a mile, but it gave us lots of great views of the mountains and Valley. There were wildflowers of all colors (my favorite remains the columbine).  And it was relatively flat and easy to shuffle along. 

It was such a joy to be out on a trail again. Even with kids complaining about the bugs and the sun, and with not being able to rely on the placement of my feet, I was able to get into that blissful state that hiking provides me. 

And if that wasn’t enough, we spent the afternoon inner tubing on the Yampa river. It’s a very nice run, with lots of good dips and rapids. Afterwards, we went back to one of the areas we’d seen on our way down. We played in the river there, diving in, swimming the rapids. The water was very brisk, in temperature and spirit, but it felt wonderful to be out there, just playing!

The kids have already convinced me that we need to go again. Who am I to argue?

And, as a testament to how good I’m feeling – I’d been planning to make a run to the dispensary, since marijuana  is legal here in Colorado (and I wasn’t going to risk transporting on the plane).  But I haven’t felt the need to use since I’ve been here.

Once again reminded that it’s not so much the cancer as the treatment. I’m just so glad I can take these breaks. 


7 thoughts on “Colorado Rocky Mountain High

  1. So happy you are feeling good for your vacation! I am also very glad you can take these breaks. We need to get over to Colorado one of these days.

  2. I grew up in Colorado, in the little town of Yampa about 30 miles south of Steamboat. Enjoy your time! It is a beautiful place. While the altitude affects some negatively, others find it invigorating. You must be one of the “others” Have a great trip.

    • We drove through Yampa on Tuesday. I made sure to not blink! But it was a lovely drive. I could drive through Colorado for almost ever.

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