It makes a difference 

At kids circle this past weekend, Molly was the only tween in attendance, so she got one on one time with one of the counselors. They walked to Starbucks, and spent an hour or so just chatting and drinking refreshers. The counselor reported back to us that Molly agreed that our trip to Colorado was our best trip ever, and one of the reasons was my high energy level and ability to do activities with the family. 

I completely agree. 

And it’s nice to get that validation that taking my medication vacation was worth it, beyond just my comfort.  Hopefully those good memories will get us through the next few weeks until I take another break. (I’ve decided that will be a few days during the week between the kids’ camps in August.  I want to be able to spend a day playing at the beach with them.)

Today, though, has been quite painful. My arms and legs and hips ache.  I’m tired and cranky. And again, frustrated by the constant weighing of the costs and benefits of taking the cancer medication. Sometimes I wish we really knew what the numbers would be with and without the meds. It might make it easier for me to see the benefits of the drug. 

Or it might make it easier to say the costs aren’t worth it. 

I’d really rather spend what time I have left being able to enjoy life with Reil and the kids, rather than wincing and napping my way through it. 

Plus, it’d be so much more fun to blog about activities than whine about side effects. 

One thought on “It makes a difference 

  1. I hear you. Rob was started on Avastin in addition to the PDL-1 a few weeks back, and holy crap are the side effects so much worse. In our case, he gets a dose every three weeks, so the side effects cycle up and down (weekend 1 is a write off, 2 isn’t bad, 3 sucks, but not as badly as 1). A break would be lovely – but on an experimental protocol, that’s not possible.

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