New CT scan results and decisions 

I’ve stuck my body in a few diagnostic machines lately. On Friday, I had an MRI on my head to see if there was anything notable that would explain the increasing dizziness I’ve been experiencing.   The results?  All normal. It’s probably just a side effect from Inlyta, my cancer med.  (Which I stopped on Monday, leading to a much clearer, less dizzy head.)

Yesterday I had a CT scan to determine how things are going inside me.  I got the results today. They’re not what I’d hoped for, but aren’t terrible, either. 

There is some progression of disease, but it is limited and small (the greatest growth was 4mm).  So the Inlyta is working, but not very well. It is slowing things down, but not completely. My oncologist said that his first response was that I need to change meds, but as he looked a little closer, he thought that I could stay on it for another 2 months and re-evaluate after a scan at that time. 

Or I can move on to Sutent, which is a first line medicine that is similar to Votrient, the first drug I was on. It’s been around longer, but has more side effects than Votrient. 

So the question now is do I stick with the evil I know, with limited efficacy or do I choose the evil I don’t know?

When he was talking to me, I thought I’d probably stick with Inlyta to squeeze the last bit of usefulness from it (because he tells me once I go off, I can’t go back on it. I’ll try to get clarification on why later).  Then I took a trip to TJ Manx, and realized that Damn, it’s nice to feel good. And I haven’t really felt that at any time I’ve been taking Inlyta. 

So now I’m leaning towards Sutent. I told my doc that I’d let him know my decision by Friday, but I think it’s probably already made.  


4 thoughts on “New CT scan results and decisions 

  1. That’s great news LIsa. Little progression is better than more, right? Try the Sutent. But I’m worried for you about the side effects. I just went on a couple of blog sites about it, and it sounds like it could be pretty poopy (no pun intended) You’re getting a little breather. Enjoy it! Good luck kiddo. Thinking about you all the time and love reading your blog. 🙂

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