Cancer’s funny, right?

I got to spend Saturday afternoon with my friend, Rob.  Fun, as always.  (of course)  Over dinner, he mentioned a comedian, Tig Notaro.  I’d never heard of her before that, but three hours later, an online friend mentioned her, too, and I figured that obviously, I had to check her out.

So glad I did.

She’s hilarious.  And she’s a cancer survivor.  And she jokes about cancer.  I love it!

I’ve now watched a number of YouTube videos, as well as the Netflix documentary, Tig, and I find her incredibly inspiring.  She’s done in stand up what I’d only dream of being able to do with this blog – touch lots of people, and make jokes about cancer to them!

Ok, so she actually makes good jokes and gets paid for it, while I make jokes to help me get through those uncomfortable times. Anyhow, I hope you’ll enjoy this bit from the Conan O’Brien show.

One thought on “Cancer’s funny, right?

  1. hey Lisa, my daughter and I watched the Netflix doc just last weekend! I cannot imagine a job/calling where this would be part of your daily tasks, but she is amazing, dry and so, so funny. Someone to emulate when things gang up on us…

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