Week 3 – half way done.

Still doing pretty well here, but having to slow down a bit.

I finally went in to my primary care doctor about the sinus infection that I’ve had for at least a month now. And now I’m on my 3rd round of antibiotics since starting Sutent in August. But, 2 days in, and I feel so much clearer in my head, my throat and in my chest. So yay.

My feet are hurting. The calluses are getting really thick on the left foot. I pumice them in the shower, and I make sure my feet are well lubed up, but the calluses persist, and painfully so. I’m definitely letting my family do more for me, while I sit on the sofa like a princess. Not ALL the time, but more often than last week or the week before. Next week will probably be spent mostly on my ass. Thank goodness for Netflix.

Last week was pretty rough with fatigue. I went swimming on Tuesday, and it wiped me out. 10 short laps swum in 20+ minutes (yeah, I WAS barely moving, thank you), and I was toast for the next couple of days. However, this weekend has been easier, and while I’m not up and running around, I can at least keep my eyes open for most of the day.

Twelve more days. I’ve got this.

Start of week 2

Now that I’m firmly into the second week of my Sutent cycle, the side effects are becoming a little more pronounced. 

Fatigue is hitting hard. Climbing stairs, walking for sustained periods or distances (a quarter mile), mopping the floor – all will leave me winded and tired. I’ve had to nap most of the last four afternoons, just to be semi alert later on. 

Mornings are good, though. If you want me coherent, come see me around 10 am. 

My skin has taken on a yellow tone. I’ll get labs done tomorrow, but last cycle they didn’t show anything off, and when I went on break, my complexion went back to its normal pasty white. 

In the next few days I’ll probably need to stop using Colgate toothpaste, and will have to switch to Biotene because my mouth and tongue are getting too sensitive. I don’t plan to eat any Mexican or Indian or other spicy food again until the break. (Cue sad face)

My feet are hurting enough to be a nuisance, but not enough to slow me down too much (I’m out of breath or energy first).  The blisters/calluses are growing, though, and I’m finding it more comfortable to wear shoes than go barefoot in the house. 

Overall, I remain in very good spirits.  I’m doing things in shorter bursts, but am still getting out and about.   So that’s all good. 

More in a few days. 

Week 1 Side Effects 

I’m trying to keep track of when side effects show up during the cycle of Sutent.  I’m now on day 6 of 28.  

Earlier this week I noticed a slight burning sensation in my palms and bottoms of my feet, the beginning of hand foot syndrome.  Today it is much more noticeable, but it still hasn’t become a problem. I figure that by this time next week, I’ll be using urea cream a few times a day to help soothe it. 

I’m getting more fatigued. This afternoon I had no choice but to take a nap, and although I’m awake right now, I don’t have much energy.  Good thing I picked around the house earlier.  I can spend the rest of the day not feeling guilty about reading. 

I’ve started taking my daily pills a little earlier, because I’ve found that taking sutent at bedtime lead me to stay up late, waiting for my tummy to settle down. Now my stomach still has some issues, but it’s not keeping me up well past my bedtime.  Today I had my first bit of diarrhea, too. 

Also, after not menstruating  for much of the last year, (not at all between February and August), I’ve had my period begin a few days after starting this and the last cycle, with much heavier flow than normal.   I’m not thrilled by this, but if my periods follow the 6 week cycle of Stent, then that’s nice and regular without being as often as a normal cycle. 

Overall, I’m feeling good. My spirits remain high, as they’ve been since getting off of Inlyta, the devil drug. 

Mid October – Starting a new cycle

On Friday night, after a 14 day break, I started up my second full cycle of Sutent. I am LOVING this medicine, and I really hope that it is doing its job, and continues to do it for a long time.

Yes, the side effects are harder to deal with than my first med, Votrient, and if every day were like my 4th week of being on Sutent, then it would be more difficult to deal with than my second med, Inlyta. But I get the break, and that makes all the difference in the world – in dealing with both the physical side effects and, more so, the psychological effects.

The last two weeks were awesome. My last dose of the cycle was on a Thursday night, and by Monday, my feet and whole body felt back to normal. I could feel the side effects lessening before then, too. I had energy. I was fully mobile (though out of shape, so not doing any hiking yet). I could eat spicy food – Indian! Mexican! Yum! But most of all, I felt normal. I felt hopeful. I was looking forward to life. And, really, the emotional uptick wasn’t just the last two weeks, but the whole cycle. Compare that to being on Inlyta, where I often had thoughts of “maybe dying would be easier than this.”

So yes, I’m a fan.

That being said, there are side effects. Two doses in, and I am a little more tired. This afternoon, I am noticing a bit of the burning sensation in my hands and my feet. It’s really only at the “Yes, I feel you there, you sneaky little side effect” stage, and no where close to the “Dammit, why do you vex me and keep me from walking???” stage. I’ll get to that latter stage eventually (probably in two and a half weeks or so), but everything is manageable now. And later on, I’ll be able to count down the days until I get to take a break, so even if I’m wincing in pain as I walk, I know it’ll be over soon.

My oncologist and I had a chat earlier in the week. Among the questions he asked was “How is your weight? Have you lost very much?” Big sigh from me. I WISH! Instead, I gained. Thanks body. I appreciate that.

My goal for this cycle is to swim at least once a week, preferably twice a week. I can do that even when I can’t walk, and hopefully, the continuing exercise will make my fitness level jump up enough to be able to hike a bit during the next break. (And by bit, I mean at all.) Hopefully by then, too, the unending heat will have stopped and fall will have finally come to the bay area. That’ll make it even more pleasant.