Week 4. Sutent update

Three more doses. Three more doses. Three more doses. Three more doses. 

But who’s counting?

I haven’t been doing much, because I feel so tired. On Saturday, both kids were going out for Halloween stuff, and I thought, “Great!  Let’s go to a movie!” By about 5, though, it was clear I wasn’t going anywhere.  Reil even took over the door duties while I lay on the couch. 

I can still manage about one outing a day. This evening, Reil took me to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. I live a rock star life, let me tell you. 

Tomorrow’s excursion will be to the DMV, for my son’s permit test. I’m more nervous about this, because we can’t put it off if I’m not feeling well. Just gotta do it. (And then keep my fingers crossed for him)

My feet hurt.  And then I walk funny to compensate and that makes my legs wonky which makes walking even more difficult. I’ve decided it is just better to keep off them as much as possible.  I got through 2 episodes of PBS’s Indian Summers and one Home Fires today. 

My skin remains a sickly yellow. The doctors aren’t yelling about my liver function lab results, so I’m just not worrying about it. But I look forward to being pink again. 

New this week is the sticky film on my teeth. And that’s not from the Halloween candy!  I brush well, but it’s still there. Gross. Not sure if it is a side effect or if the Biotene just can’t do the job. I’ll switch back to Colgate next weekend, and that should make things better or at least feel cleaner. 

Week 4 seems a lot harder this cycle, but maybe that’s because I’m not distracted by the bright lights of Las Vegas like I was last cycle. 

Three more doses. I can do this.