Is it time for Hospice?

I spoke with my oncologist today. Beyond all that is going on with bone mets and brain mets, we haven’t had a treatment that’s provided any efficacy for about 5-6 months. 

Right now we are looking at two main treatment possibilities:  opdivo (which I’ve just been on) + another drug,  or avastin. The former has more possible side effects, and since I didn’t gain any benefit from option alone, probably won’t do much. Avastin seems to show moderate possibilities, fewer side effects. I’ll probably go with that. 

But the reality is that I’ve probably got less than a year left, if I’m lucky. Either of the treatments might give me maybe a couple of months of no progression. If I’m lucky. 

I had thought I was ready for hospice, but the idea of just waiting to die is a little daunting.  I really don’t like this whole dying thing. I would so much rather just live for however many months I have.  Deal with the dying, get on with the living. 

Have any ideas about how to help me live?  Let me know. I kind of feel like another party is necessary, but not sure about planning it. Want to bring your family over, along with some dinner?  We’d love that. Drive to the beach?  Yeah. Why not?

I’m just going to call on you to help me live, whether in treatment or in hospice. I hope you’ll answer the call. 


9 thoughts on “Is it time for Hospice?

  1. Lisa,
    I can coordinate a party…we can do it at your house, or somewhere else. Name the date, place, and theme, I will take it from there!


  2. I always read your posts, blogs, everything. But I rarely comment because I don’t know what to say that hasn’t been said. Please know I you and your family are always in my thoughts and I truly care.

  3. Dear, dear Lisa~~~I explained to my husband, John, how we are related and I guess I did it okay as he understood~~~either that or he is just pacifying me as usual. Anyway, I guess we are cousins far removed. To say I am sooo sorry about your demise just seems pale. My heart hurts for you and your families, Lisa~~ I remain puzzled at life as we know it, but I continue to trust a loving God. My thoughts and prayers for you and your family are to enjoy one another as you travel this course. In His care, Judy Bogie’

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