Got the pathology back on the knob that was growing on the outside of my head. It is the kidney cancer.

It sounds like it is possible that they will treat the inside lesion and the outside wound with radiation on Monday.
I’m not really sure if or how this news will affect my outcome.   Ultimately, I think not much. 
I forgot to take a dose of steroids yesterday and today my arm feels weak again.  I’ve also had a headache today, which isn’t so fun, even when you’re not cancer sick. 

Most of all, right now, I just wish I weren’t sick. I could deal with the whole dying process so much easier if I had more energy. 

I’m expecting an iPhone tripod from Amazon today.  I plan to use that in conjunction with RecordMeNow, an app that gives prompts of questions that kids may have for their parents.  I also ordered two spools of thread because hope springs  eternal. 


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