Starting off steroids

It’s been almost a week since the cyber knife radiation, and I’ve started my steroid taper.  It’ll take about a month for me to get completely off.  Yesterday I took two pills instead of three, and the good news is that my arm is still functioning normally. 

My knees on the other hand…  I woke up yesterday morning and this morning because of the pain in my knees. Now, most of my leg pain has been centered around my right hip and IT band – the long muscle from the hip to knee. So knee pain is a bit different. Joint pain is sometimes associated with a steroid withdrawal, but this did start out before I dropped the dosage.   Anyhow, for now I’m going to keep an eye on all of this and continue the taper. 

I got good words of advice from Dr. Fratkin up at Resolution Care today, and that’s helping me push through any discomfort.  I want to tell people again and again how much good they’ve done for me and for others. And I’d love to encourage anyone who reads this to go look at their website, learn a little more about palliative care, and how they’re changing the field, and maybe, if you’ve been looking for places for your money to go, consider a donation or investment in the company. I feel like they have the potential to not only affect people in Northern California, but all over the country.


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