What a difference a week makes. Thursday morning I could barely control my legs, and didn’t have the strength to walk more than a step or two, if that. My right arm was pretty much useless, and my left arm tired.

Now, after a week back on the full steroid regimen, I can walk straight, though painfully, I have full strength in the left arm, and nearly the same in the right. Hallelujah!

I’m continuing the quest to make life easier for myself. And, seriously, my favorite new thing is the bedside commode. If I weren’t already married to the love of my life…  

I ordered some wheelchair accessories – cup holder, gloves, two little side packs where I can keep wallet, phone, glucose stuff. It’s easier than a purse.  I’ve also been reading about wheelchair hints, which came in handy yesterday and today. 

Yesterday, I got to practice in Target. Getting around was good exercise, and the nice wide aisles were easy. Today, Reil dropped me off downtown, where I met a friend for shopping.  When we got to the dressing rooms, of course someone able bodied was in the wheelchair accessible room!  Grr.  

Later, when I went to the restroom, some old guy started pushing the chair for me. While I had my hands on the wheels!  Not good manners!

Overall, though, it was amazingly refreshing to be out of the house, getting around on my own, and feeling like a real person.  If this is life on hospice, bring it on!

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