Brain games

I’m going through lots of ups and downs.

My brain doesn’t work like it used to.  Language is a struggle. Today I was able to to recall the words “pulled  a muscle” for the first time since I fell on Monday. Score one for word recall. But it’s not all been that easy.  The frustration has been growing. I’ve recognized that I like nuanced language, but can’t manage it, so I have to accept other things will have to work. People will understand me. 

I over did myself on Thursday and have have really had to cut back. I feel more energy today but it’s still going to be a few more days of nothingness. 

For any sort of reference, this sort of post takes me about 8-12 minutes to write  – at least twice what it used too. 

9 thoughts on “Brain games

  1. I’m so glad that you’re still able to write these updates, as time consuming as they are. I love that I can feel so connected to you, through all of this- both the ups and the downs. I continue to send you all my love and admiration for what a bad-ass you’ve been, from the day we all discussed the symptoms of UTIs, to your diagnosis and throughout this whole fight. You, my friend, are my freaking hero. ❤

  2. Lisa,
    You amaze me with your strength and determination. I watch my computer for an email from you. Always thinking about you in between posts.

  3. Thank you for writing the updates! The first thing I do every morning (your evening 😉 ) is to check Facebook and Instagram to see if there is a post from you.
    Keep up the strenght!! Love you 💋

  4. Kris wrote exactly how I feel. Each time you post a new entry, I click straight to it, wanting to know more. More of what you’re thinking, feeling, doing. Just more. Love to you.

  5. Thank you Lisa for sharing with us. I also look for posts from you regularly although I recognize how hard it is for you to have the energy to do them. You are in my thoughts daily and I honor your strength and courage; your weakness and fears.

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