I feel like each of my posts or days may be more full of self pity than the last.  My brain seems a little more clear – when l’m not sleeping.  But still not quite enough to rouse me into doing anything.

I feel trapped in my body.  There’s not much strength. I can’t get around much without others – no autonomy.

I sat in my wheelchair in my room today, and organized a few things on the table which is too tall for me to use. My arms and hands might not be strong enough anyhow.  But I got to see a different view for a little while. And there might be another table to use.

I think that next Friday I’ll receive a new chair which is not so wide and will go through my door, and give me access to the whole house.  I wouldn’t feel so trapped.

Of course none of this matters if my body won’t stay awake. Or if I can’t find motivation, which somehow seem related.

3 thoughts on “Trapped 

  1. Dear Lisa,
    Do the best you can each day, get the most out of each day and do not worry about what you think you should or should not do, how you should or should not feel. Be the best that you can be.

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