Milkshakes, Rattle, and Roll

My new, skinnier wheelchair arrived last Monday, and boy does she make a difference.  I can move myself from my bed all around the house. It takes energy, but it can be done!

Last Tuesday, I had another seizure. This time I was in the new wheelchair, reaching for my phone.  When I couldn’t get my hand to go where I wanted, I realized a seizure was coming on. I had Reil rush me into my bed, where I shook it out. It was comforting to be able to recognize what was coming. 

Over the weekend I took my first trip outside. We used the stair lift to get me down to street level through the garage, the wheelchair to the car, and then took a quick trip to McDonalds drive thru. Next time maybe a quick picnic at the park. 

Food is a little hard for me. I’ve got dry mouth, and lots of foods don’t taste right or leave nasty after tastes. Sometimes I take a bite and that’s it, other times it’s all good. Never know. And the fact that some of the foods that I want to eat make my blood sugar even higher doesn’t help. Ugh. 

4 thoughts on “Milkshakes, Rattle, and Roll

  1. Go excited to hear you made it outside .. I can only imagine how great that made you feel.. Congrats…. Sorry to hear snout the seizure but it’s great that you could tell it was coming…. You are doing such a great job!!!

    Hugs, Luv and Blessings,


  2. So glad your new wheels give you more independence and mobility! Love that you find ways to get ouside and make tons of great memories!

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