A hard day’s night 

This has been a pretty hard couple of weeks. I’m having a really difficult time concentrating and putting words together to make sense.

At Molly’s graduation I asked Jacob why one of the kids in his class wasn’t in the choir. He looked at me like I was crazy because that kid was in his eighth grade class, not Molly’s. This morning I asked Reil for “scrambeggs.”

My words are not always coming out correctly. Luckily I can mostly make sense especially if people are patient.

I have a difficult time reading and writing. It takes a long time for me to put words together, whether writing or speaking.

On the physical side of things, my legs are weak and mostly can’t move on their own. I’ve been dozing most of the time and, in general, I need help moving around.

I currently have thrush in my mouth which makes eating and talking very painful.

I’m looking forward to Jacob coming home from Germany where he has been for almost two weeks.

That will round off my three major goals: Molly’s graduation, Jacob’s trip and missing my 30th class reunion.

6 thoughts on “A hard day’s night 

  1. We missed you. I have a little video from the event that I am editing for you. I’ll send it as soon as I can. Love you my friend.


  2. Thank you LIsa for sharing yourself and your life with us. As Emily said, ‘sometimes being human sucks.” and yet with you sharing what you are going through, I know you are helping someone. You may never know how many people you are touching through your heart-felt sharing. Peace and love from a stranger.

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