Final Days?

Lisa Bowes is moving toward death after almost 2 1/2 years of showing us how to live every day to its fullest.

She is withdrawn, sleeping most of the time and has stopped eating.  She is confused and agitated often but medication helps.  All of this is to be expected.  She expresses that she is ready to die and her family supports her.

Lisa is under care of Hospice of Kaiser and is also supported by ResoultionCare in Humboldt County.


6 thoughts on “Final Days?

  1. Thank you for updating. She, and your whole family, has been on my mind and in my thoughts, constantly. Much much love to you all. Hossy loves you, QM, and will miss my friend ❤

  2. So sorry to hear that Lisa is not her usual upbeat self. At this stage I expect that she is ready to go shopping in that great quilt store in the sky! Peace to family and friends who are on hand to ease Lisa’s transition.

  3. I feel lucky to have been Lisa’s friend for a few short years. I have learned so much from her about life, family, self-care, creativity, and letting go. May she find release soon. I will (and already do) miss her.

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