Not a Bucket List

Trails I’d like to hike

  • Pacific Crest Trail – or parts of it
  • El Camino de Santiago, Spain
  • Inn to inn in England

Sites I’d like to see

  • Morocco
  • Iceland

The things that will bring tears

  • See both kids graduate from high school
  • See both kids graduate from college
  • Meet my grandkids

The things that might add value to the world

  • Volunteer work
  • Help people, especially those who have it worse than I do
  • Give lots and lots of hugs

2 thoughts on “Not a Bucket List

  1. Lisa, thank you for visiting the Art Prescription. You seem an inspiring and brave soul!! One of my “dream list” projects is to produce Art Prescription kits for people who may be dealing with illness or other life issues to work with in a journal. I admire your journey here on your blog.

  2. Thank you for following me Lisa. I hope you enjoy my artwork and my travels. I certainly find the process of working in my art journal interesting. I only started doing it last Autumn and I hope that by doing something creative everyday that it helps me to get better at what I am doing. We shall see!!

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