I’m sitting in a hotel suite with six other women right now. We’ve got various projects spread out on the tables in front of us  – scrapbooking – both family and business, crochet, knitting, catching up on billing, doing homework.  In between stitches, cropping, notation, etc, we’ve been catching up on our lives. Kind of crazy, since we all live within 3 miles of each other, and have a serious coffee date each week. 

But life gets in the way. One of us started full time school recently. Others have work schedules that have gotten crazier. And I’ve been stuck at home on my sofa. 

I’ve found myself getting a bit jealous of my friends as they talk about their jobs, especially Cyn, who has just jumped into a very intense computer engineering and start up program. She’s pushing herself in exciting ways that are similar to (but much more concrete and high level) than what I’d been hoping for when I quit my job just before my diagnosis.  They’ve all got so much going on, though, and it is exciting to hear about, even if the little green monster rears its head. 

Once again dealing with redefining myself. I realized that, although I don’t have a traditional job, and although I haven’t been able to put much (OK, any) work into it lately, I’ve got the chance to work on my art. And that’s pretty great. Especially when I can sell and show my work. 

I sold two quilts this week, which is awesome, I think. And I’ve joined the Hayward Arts Council, and will show a couple of quilts in a show later this summer.  Two quilts are in the county fair. There are exhibition opportunities later in the year. I’m working on getting cards made of my work, too, to sell in the gallery, and small matted pieces. 

So I’ve got things going on. Now if I could just pull my ass off the sofa to make more artwork. 

It’s been another pretty rough day. I’ve felt exhausted all day, which led to poor decisions on my part – mainly about whether I was up for going to see Avengers (I wasn’t, it turns out), and ensuing arguments as I tried to cope with my poor decision making. Hopefully we will go see the movie on Friday. 

I managed to get myself up in time for watercolor class this morning, and while I left a little early, feeling more tired than when I arrived, I was able to finish a piece that made me happy.  The foliage needs more dark values, but I’m really digging the bridge. 

Now I’m in bed, with a cat at my feet, and I’m trying to will myself to pick up the book I’m working on. I just enjoyed another book by this author, John Lescroart, but this one is more of a chore. I’m tempted to let it go in favor of an SJ Bolton. However, that book is not on my bedside table, and I’m sure the cat would prefer I didn’t disturb her.  Maybe “Dead Irish” will become more compelling tonight, but not too much. I do need the sleep.