Shoes and books

Finally a little love for Kaiser. After my last post, I contacted the Oakland podiatry department directly, and spoke with an amazing woman, Belinda. She set me up for a visit on Friday. Just like that. How amazing!

At the appointment, I told the doctor how this corn has been painful for a long time. He looked at my feet, pressed around a bit, asked which actions hurt, and told me it wasn’t the corn. I have a dropped metatarsal. He recommended orthotics, which I could buy in the pharmacy. $50 later, I had a pair in hand and limped back out to my car. 

I got home, slipped them, and my feet, into a pair of shoes and stood without pain for the first time in months.   Truly miraculous.   I almost cried, it was such a relief. 

I’ve had about a day and a half now of walking with the orthotics (I also purchased a pair of sandals with orthotics built in), and I remain amazed and grateful to be mobile again. Now that the acute pain is gone, I notice the neuropathy more – sort of a constant burning and tingling. It’s a bit annoying, but also something I can cope with.  My feet are very tired at the end of the day, which isn’t too surprising, since they’ve not been used much lately. And I have to remember that even though the shoes are old, I’m still breaking in the orthotics.   Overall, I’m quite pleased with how that’s worked out. 

After my post about work last weekend, I had a number of people suggest that I write a book.  My ego was certainly plumped up because of that, and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and a little research about memoirs since.  I am starting to get some ideas of structure and arc that might work. And I’ve started doing a little non-blog writing.  It may all add up to nothing, but in the meantime, it could become an excellent excuse for me to escape the kids and hide out in a coffeehouse this summer.