Mom’s a stoner

I grew up and went to college in Humboldt County, which is one of the largest pot growing areas in the world.  In the 80s, many of the teens and a lot of the college students in Humboldt had tried marijuana, myself included.   However, until today I’d never purchased pot.

My friend Lori picked me up this morning and joked that she was going to “pop my cherry.” We drove over to the dispensary in Oakland, a nondescript building with a guard at the entrance to the fenced lot.  At the front door, we had to go through a metal detector, similar to airport security (but without  x-rays of our bags), and the guard at the door checked our IDs and medical marijuana cards.

The lobby reminded me of a spa, with a seating area, front desk, and a gorgeous wall of plants.  The music was more hip hop than spa serenity, but hey.  I filled out a form, and the guy at reception entered me in their computer, and indicated that we could go through another door into the dispensary.

It was a fairly plain room, with a display on one side of four jars of marijuana that we could sniff. In front of us there was a display of edibles – so many different choices!  To the left was the counter.  We walked up, and Lori told the woman helping us that it was my first time, and the woman immediately gave us both a pre-rolled joint on the house.  (Hey, nice!)

Then the work began.  She asked me what I was looking for and I explained that I was primarily looking for help with neuropathy and general cancer benefits.  She recommended that I focus on something with high CBD:THC ratio (cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid, that according to Wikipedia, is considered to have a wider scope of medical applications than tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).)  We talked about a few different strains and I settled on one called ACDC.

We also talked about tinctures, mints, and creams.  The mints were pretty expensive – about $10/dose, so I passed on those.  I bought a small jar of topical cream, though, and I can already say that it helps with my hands when they’re getting tingly and sore.  At the end of the day, I came home with the ACDC in plant form, a tincture of ACDC, a few creams, the pre-rolled joint, and a complementary “trial sized” cartridge for a zen pen, a micro vaporizer.

Both the kids know I’m starting to use marijuana for cancer related issues.  For the most part, they’re a little curious about it because it’s something new for us, and they’re cool with the idea of me using, though vehemently opposed to the idea of my smoking inside the house (as IF!)  The other day, Molly teasingly called me a stoner.  Yeah, No.