I’ll have what he’s having

I’m back at the hospital today, in the infusion center getting topped up with IV fluids. 

This week my lab results showed that I was quite dehydrated. I was having stomach cramps when I ate or drank anything, and feeling very weak. On Wednesday, after feeling like I was going to pass out, Reil basically carried me up to the oncology department  and plopped me in a chair of the infusion center. I was out of it. The nurse got an IV in me, and within about 30 minutes I had perked up enough to feel present. 

Since then, I’ve been drinking gatorade  and pedaling, and similar drinks to keep me hydrated. Today’s visit should bring me just that much more relief. 

I’ve also spent the past few days not taking my cancer medication.  I’ll start up again tonight, but oh what a relief it has been. My stomach feels better. I’m not having diarrhea.  I still feel weak and tired, but I was able to get 6 loads of laundry done today. So that’s something. 

Needless to say, I’m not really a fan of Inlyta. The side effects have been really shitty and not fun at all. If it weren’t working, it’d almost be a relief. 

But it is working so far. So, ugh. 

Today, within a span of about 5 minutes, two friends in the DC area sent me links to the Washington Post about a new treatment for kidney cancer that’s had pretty good results (The article is here). I’d heard about nivolumab before – one of the guys in a kidney cancer forum I’m on has been taking this treatment and it is working very well for him.   Still, it looks like the response rate is only about 20%, so I’d be hesitant to stop something that is working for something that might not. However, when this drug stops working, it’s nice to know there are other options waiting in the wings. Preferably ones with fewer side effects. 

Now I’m going to take the last few minutes of this I drip to nap a little